What is Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

Minimally invasive brain surgery refers to a subspecialty of neurosurgery where various disorders of the brain are treated using surgical procedures that incorporate small surgical incisions or holes, or no incisions at all.  Also known as minimal access brain surgery, this type of surgery utilizes advanced state of the art technologies to more precisely navigate to surgical pathology and treat such pathologies with an accuracy of usually less than one millimeter. Our surgeons utilize special instruments designed specifically for these procedures to be used through such small incisions or even through the body’s own natural openings such as the nose.

By incorporating 3-D image-guided computer navigation systems to create a GPS for the brain, Florida Hospital surgeons can navigate through the delicate structures of the brain onto various lesions with confidence and safety. The incorporation of high-definition and 3-D endoscopes, high-resolution microscopes, minimal access brain ports and highly advanced neurophysiological brain mapping and monitoring systems increases the likelihood of success when operating at the depths of the brain.  The result often translates into smaller incisions with less disruption or destruction to surrounding tissues. By applying these minimal access techniques to various pathologies of the brain and skull base, Florida Hospital surgeons can offer treatment options to patients with less pain, less disfigurement, shorter hospitalization and quicker recoveries.

Other minimally invasive brain surgery therapies offered:

  • Image-guided Endoscopic Pituitary Tumor Surgery
  • Image-guided Microscopic Transphenoidal Tumor Surgery
  • Image-guided Endoscopic Expanded Endonasal Approach Surgery
  • Image-guided Endoscopic Posterior Fossa Surgery
  • Image-guided Endoscopic Intraventricular Tumor Surgery
  • BrainPort Image-guided Brain Surgery
  • Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
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